Legacy Reports: Pipeline Progression


Note: Pipeline progression reports have been sunset as of April 2022. Admins can re-create a pipeline report inside our new reporting suite. Click here to learn more.

Our Pipeline Progression Report was inspired almost entirely by a group of early Copper users who wanted an answer to their most common sales management question: What happened to those deals we had in the pipeline last week? Or last month.. or last quarter etc. 

Access the 'Pipeline Progression Report'

1. Sign into your Copper account and click 'Opportunities' from the lefthand menu.

2. Click the 'Pipeline Progression Report' icon in the upper right of the pipeline (highlighted below in red).


Understand the 'Pipeline Progression Report'

You will see the movement between stages reflected by the comet tails trailing behind your opportunities. These begin at the 'From' date, and end at the 'To' date you can adjust in the "Date Range" field under the Filter options, found in the top right corner. The report will show you how far a particular Opportunity has progressed during the defined period of time. Please note the default date range is "Last 7 days".


Color Coded:

Gray Outline - Open Opportunities

Green - Won Opportunities

Red - Lost Opportunities 

Gray (Shaded) - Abandoned Opportunities

You can also see the total value of your sales pipeline during this period, and the total of new, won, lost and abandoned opportunities at the top of the report. The totals for each stage are also displayed at the top of each column.

Still have questions?

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