Legacy Reports: Pipeline and Sales Overview


Note: Legacy Reports will be sunset at the end of 2022, and are not available for net-new customers as of April 2022. Admins can use our reporting suite to track company performance.

Copper's pre-built pipeline and sales reports provide immediate access into the insights required to run your business. 

The reports are organized into two categories: Pipeline Reports and Sales Reports. Pipeline Reports provide an overview of what's happening with your open opportunities, while Sales Reports help you to analyze closed opportunities.

Professional and Business subscribers will also have access to the 'Activity by User' report, located on the same page.

Watch a quick overview video on Pipeline and Sales Reports:

Understand the pipeline reports

Pipeline Reports give you a clear picture of Open and Active opportunities in your pipeline, based on the expected close dates. You can view a summary of your pipeline by stages, the distribution of opportunities across your team, the projected value of your upcoming pipeline, as well as your top sources for opportunities.

For each stage (summary, assignee, projection and source) we'll show you reports based on the total value, reports based on weighted value, or the total value of your opportunities multiplied by the win probability percentage of the stage the opportunities are in. To review these reports individually by stage, click the article links below:

Understand the sales reports

Sales Reports provide a summary of opportunities that have been won, lost, or abandoned within a specified date range. These reports allow you to view your sales performance forecast, history, sales and win rate by team member, sales by opportunity source, and the most common reasons for lost opportunities.

For more information on these specific reports, take a look at these articles:

Access the pipeline and sales reports

Sign into your Copper account, and click 'Reports' from the lefthand menu.

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