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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q: How do I delete an email from Copper?

A: Go to the contact’s activity section > click on the email > scroll down to the bottom of the email and select “Delete Email.”

Q: How do I delete all emails from related to a Copper user?

A:  At this moment you are not able to mass delete emails.  This is something our team is currently working on and should be available in Q1.   

Q: What happens to emails if the Copper [people] record associated to those emails is deleted?

A: If a person record is deleted from Copper, any emails sync'd via that record's email address will be deleted from Copper

Q: What does Copper do with emails between 2 Copper users in gmail?

A: Internal emails or emails between two Copper users will not be synced into Copper.

Q: What happens when you create a contact that has the same email domain as the account owner?

A: If you were to create a contact that has the same email domain as the account owner, for example: @napcan.org.au. That contact record will be created, however any emails will not sync as we will view them as an internal email

Q: What if I only want specific emails to sync to an Opportunity, not all the back and forth correspondences?

A: To turn this off, you must unrelate the contact from the opportunity or replace the email address with a blank placeholder.  To only correspond with emails relating to that opportunity, go into Gmail and open the specific email.  Select ‘Relate To’ on the upper right side of the email thread, type in and select the opportunity you want the email to relate to.

Q: What if I don’t want emails syncing automatically?  

A: Go to Company Users and click on the edit icon to turn off Google Sync (Calendar, Contacts, Docs, etc.) completely. Shutting off this functionality means your calendar events will not sync, tasks will not sync to Google calendar, and your Copper contacts will not appear in your Gmail/Inbox.

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