How can I get Phone Support for my question




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    Tom Nester

    I cannot get anyone to call me back to help change a email! They gave great customer services while they were selling me the product! Now they got the money for a full year the service is poor. NOW NO ONE WILL CALL ME BACK. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF

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    Chris Whalen

    Tom, I have been having similar experiences with no returned emails or phone calls. Blatant non return of the emails considering their product tracks the email I sent directly to my rep and it shows she has opened the emails numerous times yet over a month and 4 emails, non have been returned. I just shot an email to the "request" page to see if anyone will get back in touch. I will attempt to follow up here with the results.



    ** Update**  Sending an email to the sales email address solicited a quick response. It does not appear the forums or web pages are checked too terribly often.

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    Pilar Quintero

    Greetings, anyone can offer support or support in Spanish ?? I am interested in knowing more about what you offer.

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