Change Company User Emails and Account Ownership

Please note: If your company is changing email domains, please email for assistance. 

Copper allows Account Owners and Admins to add and remove Company Users without any additional fees during the subscription.  Some examples of when this may happen include:

  • Change of Google Apps Accounts
  • Account Owner Change
  • Changing Employee Email
  • Employee Churn

What is lost when a Copper Company User is removed?

When you remove a Company User from Copper no data will be lost.  This means any records, edits, or activity including emails the User synced into Copper will stay.  The below process will explain how to save the Relationships which are lost when a User is removed.  A Relationship is defined as a record ownership which is displayed in the Assignee field.

Change Account Owner Process:

Important: The Email Address must be from the current Account Owner

  1. The current Account Owner submits a request to our Support team through this form stating the new Account Owner.
  2. If the new Account Owner is currently not a Company User in Copper they will need to be invited by going to System Settings > Company Users > Invite New Users.
  3. A Support Agent will respond to the ticket once account ownership has been transferred.


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