How to relate only certain emails to Opportunities

Copper makes it easy to sync emails with Opportunities. Sometimes you have one Person that is related to many Opportunities. This article will walk you through on how to only relate certain emails to your Opportunities.


1. Browse to the Opportunity and click on it to display the detail pane. Click on RELATED and unrelate the person in the opportunity by clicking on the "x."

NOTE: When you relate a person to an Opportunity, ALL their emails get related. by unrelating the person, their emails will no longer be synced to that opportunity.



2. Un-relate the Company (if their activities are showing in your feed unwanted as well) by clicking the "x."

3. Browse back to gmail and using the Chrome Extension, individually add emails per Opportunity.

Example: I select the email from Betsy I want related to Opportunity. Select from the Copper dropdown and click Relate To.


4. Type in the name of the Opportunity and hit enter.


5. Confirm the email has been added to the Opportunity.


6. Repeat for each individual email you want to relate to that opportunity.



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