Pre-Recorded Webinars

Join us for recorded versions of some of our most popular webinar content. Choose your topic, sit back, and enjoy learning the ins and outs of Copper at your own pace.

Copper Self-paced Onboarding for Admins - Register Now

  • Getting Started for Admin will walk you through setting up your organization's structure within Copper. We'll explore record definitions, customizing your account, and adjusting your organization's preferences.

Copper Onboarding for Users - Register Now

  • This 48 minute User training course combines product training with the strategy on how you’ll use Copper in your own organization's workflow.

Filter through the Noise - Register Now

  • If you've ever felt buried by your data, check out this 15 minute webinar where we explain how to filter records, create and save custom lists, and make sure that no tasks or opportunities are falling through the cracks.

Working with Opportunities and Pipelines - Register Now

  • So you’ve started managing your contacts and communications in Copper, but have you taken the plunge and actually started tracking your sales and deals yet? Join us as we learn all about Opportunities and Pipelines, defining a sales process, and learn frequently as questions about managing deals.

Import your Data - Register Now

  • This two chapter course walks you through how to prep and segment your data for a smooth import. We then walk you through the actual import process in Copper with tips for creating custom fields and more.

Custom Reporting - Register Now

  • Learn to export data from Copper, generate API keys, create custom reports, and understand the pros and cons of Google Data Studio versus Copper's Custom Report Builder.
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