Chat Bot for Google Hangouts Chat Integration


The chat bot sends you real-time notifications about important Copper events in any Google Hangouts chat room you choose. Everyone in the chat room can see the notifications, so it's a great way to target these notifications to a specific group of people. Chat room members can celebrate wins and collaborate on strategy around losses or abandons.

In this module, we'll tackle the following:

What is the chat bot?

Define your workflow.

How do I add the chat bot to Hangouts?

How do I remove the chat bot from Hangouts?

What is the chat bot?

Google Hangouts Chat is an intelligent communication app built for teams to work together on projects in a room, or discuss work to keep your project moving forward through multiple conversation threads. Google Hangouts Chat allows for rich G Suite file sharing and intelligent bots like the Copper Chat Bot.

CRM should fit into your workflow, not the other way around. We know you and your team rely on G Suite, and this integration allows you to keep a pulse on your pipeline, right from your team’s communication hub.

As part of the Google Hangouts Chat integration, you can receive notifications in the Hangouts Chat room of your choice. Please note that anyone with access to the room you choose will be able to see the notifications, regardless of the Copper visibility permissions that may be in place. Below is the list of possible notifications. 

Lead Notifications

  • Created
  • Change of ownership
  • Status change

Opportunity Notifications

  • Created
  • Won
  • Lost / Abandoned
  • Stage moved forward
  • Stage moved backward
  • Opportunity Close Date was pushed out
  • Opportunity Close Date was pulled in
  • Opportunity Value increased
  • Opportunity Value decreased

For help, type "@Copper help" in the room

Define your workflow.

Creating a forum for team communication is great for morale and fostering a sense of team. To get the most out of the chat bot feature, write down a list of teams who need a forum for team communication. This includes any group of people with a shared interest in contact management, wins and losses. Then create a Google Hangouts chat room for each of these teams, and add the chat bot to each room. 

How do I add the chat bot to Hangouts?

You must be a Copper administrator to enable the chat bot.

  1. In Google Hangouts Chat select the room you would like the notifications to be sent to, and type @Copper
  2. Confirm that you would like to add the chat bot to the room by clicking "Add to room"

How do I remove the chat bot from Hangouts?

To disable the chat bot, and stop notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into Google Hangouts Chat.
  2. Click on the dropdown next to the room name.
  3. Select 'View Members.'
  4. Find 'Copper' and click on the menu to the right.
  5. Click the option to 'Remove from room.'

Still have questions?

Still have questions? Ask in our Community, and get answers from our Customer Success Team as well as fellow users.


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