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If your team works primarily from Gmail, we have several options for embedding a Copper app in Gmail so you can do communications and contact management from one place. If your team doesn't use Chrome of if your team works in Gmail on an Android phone, our Copper Add-on for Gmail may be a nice addition.

(Our Chrome extension is far more robust than the add-on, but you must be using Chrome in the Gmail web app to use it. You could install both the Add-on for your Android phone and the Chrome extension for your web app. They are not mutually exclusive. To compare the web app, chrome extension and add-on, click here).

In this module, we'll tackle the following:

Understand the Copper Add-on for Gmail

Define your workflow

Install the add-on

Add a contact to Copper via the add-on

Log an activity in Copper via the add-on

Understand the Copper Add-on for Gmail

The add-on lets you do the following once you open an email in Gmail:

  1. Add the email sender to Copper as a lead or a person record.
  2. Review the 5 most recent activities in the activity log associated with the sender's lead or person record.
  3. Log new activities or notes in the activity log for the sender's lead or person record.
  4. View related records to the sender's lead or person record. Note: Only system fields show up in the Add-on. Custom fields do not.
  5. Find the sender's LinkedIn profile.
  6. Access the sender's lead or person profile in the Copper web app.

The Copper Gmail Add-on works on any web browser. It also works if you access Gmail from your Android phone. To review how its features compare to the Chrome Extension for Gmail, click here.

Define your Workflow

To decide if you'll want to install the Add-on for Gmail, your first question should be: What browser do you work from?

  • If Chrome, you might as well install the Chrome Extension for Gmail to get additional features not offered by the Gmail Add-on.
  • If a browser other than Chrome, the Gmail Add-on is for you.

Another similar question to ask yourself is: Do I work out of Gmail on my Android phone?

  • If yes, this extension allows you to stay in Gmail and gain some context for who you're engaging with. 
  • If no, the browser question will be most important to you.

If you've decided to work from a non-Chrome browser or your Android phone, and you're still trying to decide if you'll need the add-on, write down a list of the actions you'd want to take from your Gmail account. 

If you simply want to add contacts from Gmail and or log notes following a customer interaction, the Gmail Add-on can benefit you.

If you want to update fields on a record, relate records to each other, send email templates, etc., you may want to install Chrome and use the Chrome Extension, or work from the Copper web app. 

Install the add-on

You'll install the add-on from the G Suite Marketplace. 

  1. Visit
  2. Search for 'Copper.'
  3. Click the 'Copper CRM Add-On for Gmail' box. (Not to be confused with the Copper CRM box).
  4. Click the blue 'Install' button.
  5. Now when you sign into Gmail from any browser or mobile device, you'll see Copper access.

Add a contact to Copper via the add-on

To add the sender of an email to Copper, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the email in question in Gmail.
  2. Click the Copper logo to the right of our Gmail inbox to expand the add-on view.addon6.png
  3. Click the plus sign to the left of the contact's name.
  4. Below the contact's name and email address, click the option to add them as a lead (which will create a 'Lead' record) or as a contact (which will create a 'Person' record): ao2.png

Log an activity in Copper via the add-on

  1. Open the email in question in Gmail.
  2. Click the Copper logo to the right of our Gmail inbox to expand the add-on view. This should open on a view of the email sender's profile in Copper.
  3. If there were activities logged for this contact, they would be displayed below the 'Log New Activity' link. To add a new note or activity, click the 'Log New Activity' link: ao3.png
  4. Choose the 'Activity Type' from the drop-down menu and enter your notes about the activity below it.
  5. Click 'Submit' to save the activity: ao5.png
  6. Once the activity is logged, you'll be returned to the contact's profile page in the add-on, where you can see their activity log: ao4.png

Still have questions?

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