Google Contacts Integration

AllPlans.pngLooking for a way to automatically keep your Google Contacts up to date when you make changes in Copper? Look no further!

The Google Contacts integration is a 1-way sync that applies the changes made in Copper to your Google Contacts.


Note: This sync works for both creating new contacts and overwriting information on existing contacts in Copper.
Note: Because this is a 1-way sync, changes made in Google Contacts will not sync back to Copper.
Note: If you are having issues with contacts not syncing, please ensure your Google Contacts trash is empty and you do not already have 25,000 Contacts in your Google Contacts. Google only allows up to 25,000 contacts and the contacts in the trash are included in this limit.

Activating the Google Contacts Integration

Follow these steps to turn on the Google Contacts integration:

  1. Sign in to your Copper account and select “Settings” from the left sidebar.
  2. Under “Set Up Google”, select “Google Sync Settings”.
  3. Select the "Google Contact 1-way Sync” checkbox.
  4. Sign in to your Google Contacts account, and find the “Copper" folder on the left sidebar to see your sync in action.
Note: By default, your iPhone will ignore the “Copper” folder when syncing with your Google Contacts.

Check out How do I sync Gmail contacts to my iPhone? to find a workaround for syncing your Copper contacts to your iPhone.

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