Reporting Recipes: Opportunity Velocity

What is this measuring?

Opportunity velocity measures the length of time it takes to complete an opportunity.  Time to completion could mean time to close, time to abandon, or time to win.

Why is it important?

Understanding the speed at which you move opportunities through your pipeline can help with accurate forecasting; highlight whether your sales process is improving; measure individual sales reps performance; and aid in informing close date estimates moving forward.

This example report will allow you to see on average, how many days it takes an opportunity to be completed or closed. 

Create the report

  1. Open a new google sheet and install the Copper Add-On

  2. In the Custom Report Builder panel, choose Opportunities, then the appropriate filter (i.e. Won or Closed). Your export should look something like this: Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.23.25_PM.png

  3. Once your Opportunities are imported, in a new sheet, select a cell and type the following query =QUERY('Won Opportunities - Sales'!1:1000,"SELECT K,X, dateDiff(K,X"))

The text in red will be the name of your sheet with your imported Opportunities, the part in green is the range of the Sheet, K (blue) is Close Date column, and X (orange) is Created Date column

  1. The query will populate the close dates and created dates of your Opportunity data into two columns.


5. From here, click into a neighboring cell and type the following equation: =AVERAGE(C2:C).


6. This will show you your average days to close (highlighted in yellow in the image above).

7. Create an additional tab for any charts that you want to visualize.  In our example, we create a gauge from the average of column D:


Reporting example

This spreadsheet has the above examples so you can explore the setup.  If you want, make a copy of it and try some of your own reports! 

Potential reporting enhancement

  • Show the average time to close per rep

  • Show the average time to close over time

  • Show the average time to close by opp created date

Still have questions?

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