FAQs: The MailChimp Integration

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Check out our article on setting up the MailChimp integration to get yours in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Which fields are available for adding to MailChimp?

  • First name, last name, and email address. 

What is MailChimp's ideal use case? 

  •  MailChimp is intended for sending out email marketing campaigns.

If a Lead/Person already existing in MailChimp, what happens to the data that is already stored in MailChimp (first name, last name)? 

  • When you send a lead or person from Copper to MailChimp, and that lead or person is already listed in your MailChimp account, we update the existing MailChimp record. 

How do I add Copper records to a MailChimp segment? 

  • We do not have this feature yet. You will have to export your leads (settings > export data > export leads), get rid of the columns except for email address, and import it manually into MailChimp

How do I import custom fields from Copper into MailChimp?

  • You will have to add fields in MailChimp and then import your list into MailChimp separately. 
  • You can also use PieSync to send the fields from Copper to MailChimp.

What are MailChimp alternatives?

How do I know which MailChimp audiences and campaigns a lead or person has been added to?

  • You can see this is the MailChimp section under the related tab on the preview pane and well as in the MailChimp section in the lower right section of the full details page:


How many campaigns and audiences should load?

  • We will sync up to 25 campaigns and 10 audiences. If you need more than this, please make a feature request here.


Still have questions?

Still have questions? Ask in our Community, and get answers from our Customer Success Team as well as fellow users.

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