Default fields for Tasks

The table below provides a definition of each default field for a task record. To learn how to build custom fields, click here

Field Description
Task Name The name of the task
Activity Type

What is the nature of this task? Default options include:

  • To Do
  • Phone Call
  • Meeting

You can customize your Activity Types and use them for meaningful insight.

Related To The other records associated with this task
Due Date When should the task be completed?
Owner The user who will carry out this task
Reminder The time and date of a reminder notification sent before the task due date

The importance of this task compared to the rest of the workflow. Options include:

  • None
  • High

You can define what these mean in your workflow.

Description Any additional notes you'd like to store about this task

Who can see this task?

  • Everyone
  • Teams
  • Individuals
  • Only Me
  • Record Owner Only

To learn more about visibility permissions on records, click here

Tags You can add a tag to this record and later pull all records with that tag into a report.

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