Tea Web Release / January 25, 2018





We’re excited to announce that a ProsperWorks Meeting Scheduler is now available as part of a Beta program! This new feature provides a super simple way for ProsperWorks users and their clients to select a time to meet and removes the painful back and forth communication around finding a time that works. This tool leverages ProsperWorks users’ Google Calendars to make scheduling follow-up meetings much more efficient. The Meeting Scheduler is currently available as part of a beta program.

If you would like to be part of this exciting Beta program, please email Ursula at ursula@prosperworks.com to get access to this new feature.







With last night’s release, we made some highly requested improvements to the DevAPI for Leads that provide users with the ability to filter data through the API using the same filters available in the web app. Now, DevAPI users will be able to pull Lead record data using the same filters that exist in the web app, including any/all/none and empty. Additional Dev API filter improvements for other entities coming soon.

Update includes:


  • NEW Ability to pull record data for Leads with the same filters that appear in the web app



Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_10.49.03_AM.pngAdios, bugs! Here are some highlights from the fixes we released last night.

  • With last night’s release, we fixed a bug that was causing the Tags field to not display on the webhook when it's being updated via the DevAPI. Now, the Tags field is properly displayed in the update webhook.
  • We also rolled out a fix for the Chrome Extension that addressed an issue where sometimes the Tracked Email Notification would not appear when the recipient opened an email in their inbox.
  • In last night’s release, we also fixed a bug that was causing deleted numbers to appear in the custom number fields in the Chrome Extension.
  • We also rolled out a fix that improves the first time Chrome Extension download process for new users.
  • With this release, we also fixed a bug that was preventing users from being able to save email addresses that include multiple hyphens.
  • In this release, we also fixed a bug that was causing problems when editing Automated Actions that included any info related to a deleted team or when no team was selected.
  • We also rolled out some improvements to our HTML character codes that make it more user friendly to copy/paste and type HTML codes in notes.



That's all folks! Stay tuned for more updates coming in our next release!





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