Upside-down Cake Web Release / February 13, 2018




Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_10.53.45_AM.pngWith last night’s release, we rolled out some highly requested enhancements to our DevAPI. As part of a beta release, we rolled out web app parity for filtering in the Dev API for Companies, Opportunities, Projects, and Tasks. That means, our DevAPI users in the beta program will be able to use the same filters they enjoy in the web app (including, any all, none, and empty filters) directly through the DevAPI for those entities. Users can now also get activity data associated with Projects and Tasks through the API. Prior to this release, activity data associated with Projects and Tasks was inaccessible through the API. We also beta released the ability to filter Activities by activity types and parent entity types.


Update includes:


  • NEW Users can now enjoy all the filters available in Companies, Opportunities, Projects, and Tasks the web app via the DevAPI (including any, all, none, and empty filters)
  • NEW Users can now pull activity data for Projects and Tasks through the API and filter by activity types and parent entity types




Some of the early feedback for the Meeting Scheduler feature have asked for the email notifications to include more details like date, time, location, and description. Check out the new and improved meeting confirmation email!



Want to be part of the Beta program?

If you are interested in trying out the Meeting Scheduler tool as part of our Beta program, please reach out to Ursula at




Bye, bugs! Here are some highlights from the fixes we released last night.

  • With last night’s release, we fixed a tricky RingCentral bug that was causing Chrome 64 users to hear an echo when using the integration to call customers. As of last night’s release, there’s no echo (like magic!).
  • We also fixed a bug that was causing some users to be unable to merge Google Slides.
  • In this release, we also fixed some problems that were causing some intermittent inconsistencies with stage totals in the Pipeline view.
  • As of last night’s release, we also fixed a handful of bugs related to file export performance. Today, file exports are much faster and more reliable.



That's all, folks! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. 



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