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We want our Knowledge Base to be a one-stop shop for you to find answers and become a more successful Copper user. Check out what it has to offer:

Get Started

Getting Started Guide for Admins A 10-step process (including information and hands-on exercises) designed to help you set up Copper.

Getting Started Guide for Users Information and exercises to help onboard your team so they're prepared to work in Copper daily.


Leads, People, Companies, Opportunities and your Pipeline All of the items listed here are known as Copper "records." These are the core pieces of data you use to track your business opportunities.

Account Settings When you click the 'Settings' link in the left-hand menu of Copper, you see all the customizations you can make to your account. This section offers at least one article to explain each of those 'Settings' links.

Security We value your data security and privacy, and we want you to have easy access to information about how we're keeping your information safe. Check it all out here.

The Google Suite Integrations One of our customers' favorite aspects of Copper is our seamless integration with Google Suite. If your company runs on Gmail and other Google apps, be sure to review this content to see how your Copper experience can be optimized.

Projects, Tasks and Automated Actions Staying organized and adding efficiency gains to your workflow is important. These resources show you how to do that in Copper.

Importing Data If you're migrating your data from another system to Copper, or if you just want to update existing Copper records in bulk, you'll use our importing tool. These articles can help ensure a smooth import.

The iOS and Android Mobile Apps Want to use Copper on the go? You can on a smartphone or tablet with our mobile apps.

Support Tips Our Support Team regularly publishes articles to address the most commonly asked questions by our customers.

Product Videos If you're more of an audiovisual learner, check out our videos to explain key aspects of our product!


Reports you can Build in Copper We offer pre-built reports in our web app to help you measure success. There's an article here to outline each of our in-app reports and dashboards.

Custom Report Builder (CRB) Our customer report builder is a Google Sheets add-on that lets you get more tailored in what you're capturing. 

Google Data Studio Reporting If you want to take your reporting one step further to create a dashboard with custom visuals that are interactive and allow end users to drill down into the details without having to work in google sheets, Google Data Studio Reporting is for you!

Integrations Resources

Build Automations with our Zapier Integration Zapier is an awesome tool that lets you build automations. These are if/then statements that cause one action to trigger another action. Check out our tutorial and recipes for using this tool.

Bulk Email Integrations Need to email more than one customer at once? Maybe you want to make it into a Marketing Campaign or a Sales Lead Nurture Campaign. We've got integrations for you.

File Storage Integrations Check out the details on our Google Docs and Dropbox integrations.

Messaging Integrations Want to send Copper updates to Slack? We've got you covered.

Contact Management Integrations We automatically gather data from new contacts you bring in. Or you can integrate with third-party systems like PieSync to make this happen. You'll find details on both topics here.

Professional Services If you'd like to work with our Professional Services Team to have an integration built for you at a billable rate, click here to learn more.

The Ring Central Integration We have a tight integration with Ring Central to send insights from phone conversations directly to Copper.

Integrations Resources

API Resources Information to help you understand our API.

Webhooks Resources Information to help you understand our webhooks.

Developer Forum Learn more about our developer forum here.



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