Zappa Web Release / April 26, 2018



Here’s a MEGA-UPDATE on some exciting new features for you! Our team has been heads down building and testing these new features over the past few months. We look forward to seeing these features help your team work faster and smarter. All of these updates are LIVE as of today!



Screen_Shot_2018-04-26_at_3.28.50_PM.png One of our top customer requests over the past few months has been, “I want to be able to set certain fields as read-only for non-admin users.” As of today, admin users are able to set fields as read-only!

Starting today, ProsperWorks admin users can customize when to make fields read-only so important data cannot be changed by non-admin users. Essentially, once data is saved in a read-only field, a non-admin user will be prevented from being able to edit the value of that field. Fields that have the lock icon next to them are read-only. This feature is available for customers on our Business and Professional plans. Learn more about read-only fields.

Update includes:

  • NEW You can now set fields to be Read-only (Professional and Business Plan users only)






The new streamlined Field Settings page is going to save you time when customizing your workflows. With this release, we combined 3 pages into one! The settings pages for Custom Fields, Detail Field Order, and Field Rules have been redesigned into one page that makes field customization much more fluid and intuitive.

Starting today, ProsperWorks admins can go to one single view to create custom fields, customize page layouts, set field validation rules per field, and more. Learn more about the new Field Settings page.

Update includes:

  • NEW Field Settings page where you can create, edit, and customize fields, field validation, layouts, and more!






 We know that customizing the page layout with fields is very important for your business. With this release, ProsperWorks admin users will experience faster loading when deactivating a field from page layout as well as reordering fields to customize page layouts. This update helps you save precious time when you’re making edits. Cheers to making quicker changes!

Update includes:

  • NEW It's now easier and faster to edit fields in your page layouts via Settings





You may have heard that Google is rolling out a new UI redesign for Gmail. Here’s your quick reminder that the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension is ready for it! With the new Gmail UI, Add-ons are also getting more prominence. What this means for you is that you will have quick access to the ProsperWorks Extension you love as well as the lighter Add-on for mobile. See below for how to access each--enjoy!

Update includes:

  • NEW ProsperWorks Chrome Extension updated to match new Gmail UI



Many users have been requesting the ability to filter records by Inactive Days. We recently rolled out the ability for users to filter by Inactive Days on Leads, People, Companies, and Opportunities. This will help you quickly identify customer relationships that are getting stale and might need additional nurturing. Check it out!

Update includes:

  • NEW Inactive Days added to filters for Leads, People, Companies, and Opportunities



When a team member drags an Opportunity to Lost or Abandoned, they now have the option to change the Close Date of the Opportunity to today, just like they do when they drag the Opportunity to Won. This will save time for your team and also ensure your sales reporting is as accurate as possible.

Update includes:

  • NEW “Change Close Date to Today” checkbox added to Lost and Abandoned Opportunities (pre-checked by default)




That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more features coming soon.

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