Copper Training Webinars

We want you to succeed with Copper. We offer a variety of education resources to help with that. 

If you're looking for live help, check out our daily office hours.

Pre-recorded Training Webinars

Copper Onboarding for Admins (self-paced, 3-4 hours) Pre-recorded, 7 section training

  • Define your Strategy: Get the big picture, navigate Copper, learn the Google Suite integrations, prepare a stakeholder discussion, add your team
  • Design your Workflow: Decide how to use leads, people, companies, opportunities, projects and tasks; and define the visibility strategy for accessing these records
  • Measure your Success: Customize your data and get to know our in-app reporting
  • Promote Adoption: Learn tools for making a workflow more efficient

Copper Onboarding for Users (48 mins) Pre-recorded training video

  • Get the big picture: Define CRM, navigate Copper, learn user roles, see a day in the life of a user
  • Practice your workflow: Start working with leads, people, companies, opportunities, projects, and tasks
  • Learn visibility rules: Understand why you may be restricted from accessing certain content
  • Gain efficiencies: Work with tools for a more efficient workflow
  • Measure your success: Explore the reporting options to help you track to your goals

Custom Reporting (2.5 hrs) Pre-recorded virtual training

  • Custom Report Builder vs. Google Data Studio: When to use which
  • Exporting your Data from Copper
  • Creating your API keys for access to Custom Reporting
  • Building your own recipes for future custom reports
  • Custom Reporting Building/Google Data Studio Demos

Import your Data (Pre-work + 1.5 hour course)

  • Gather your data
  • Clean your data
  • Import your data
  • Fix your import


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