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The Copper Data Studio Connector allows you to directly sync your Copper data into Data Studio.  The connector currently supports all primary record types:  Leads, People, Companies, Opportunities, Projects, and Tasks.  When connected the data will go through an initial load then allow you to create beautiful dashboards with the charts and tables available in Data Studio.  This connection will refresh every 30 minutes so changes made in Copper after the connector refreshes will not be represented for 30 minutes until the next refresh.

Note: Use of the Data Studio connector with the Copper service will transfer your data from the Copper platform to a site hosted by or for Google. Once transferred, your data is subject to the use, privacy, and data protection terms separately agreed by you and Google.

Understand the Copper Data Studio Connector

Here's what you need

Connect your data to a Data Studio template

Understand the Copper Data Studio Connector

You need to create multiple connections with the Copper Connector to Data studio for each record type you would like to sync to a report. Keep in mind the visibility of records is determined by the API Key of the user who initially sets up the connection for that record type. Depending on the team permissions and visibility setting, the records they can't see will not be sent to Google Data Studio via the connector.

Note: The connector can currently pull up to 200,000 data points comfortably. If you're trying to load more data than this, you may experience an error.  A data point is considered a custom or default field.  For example, an Opportunity with no custom fields will have 20 data points which means the Connector could pull up to 10,000 Opportunities.

What you need to get started with the Connector

Connect your data to a Data Studio template

We offer templates as a starting point for you to build reports in Data Studio.  You must be signed into Data Studio account to copy the template.

Here's are steps to connect Copper data to a Google Data Studio template:

  1. Open a template, we'll select Opportunity Template for this example. You must be signed into a Google account with Data Studio enabled. 
  2. Click the option to make a copy of this template in the top righthand corner.
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, you'll be asked to choose the data source to populate this template with. You can choose an existing data source from the drop down menu, or you can choose the option to create a new data source. Let's look at creating a new data source: 
  4. In the landing page that appears, search for 'Copper'. You should see a Copper box appear in the 'Partner Connectors' section.
  5. Click 'Connect' in the upper right of the page. 
  6. Click the blue 'Authorize' button that appears.
  7. Select your Google account from the list. This should be the Google account associated with your Copper account.
  8. A pop-up window will appear letting you know Google Data Studio wants to access your account. Click the blue 'Allow' button.
  9. On the connector landing page, you'll see that you need to enter information into three grey boxes. In the first grey box in the page, enter your email address associated with your Copper user profile. 
  10. In the second grey box, enter your Copper API Key.
    1. To obtain your API Key, sign into Copper, and click 'Settings' from the left-hand menu.
    2. Choose 'API Keys' from the 'Preferences' section.
    3. Click the blue 'Generate API Key' option.
    4. Copy your API key from the page.
    5. Return to the Google Data Studio Connector landing page.
    6. Paste your API Key into the 'Copper API Key' grey box. 
  11. Choose "Opportunities" as a record type since the report is based on Copper Opportunity data.
  12. Edit the name of the Connector in the top left corner.
  13. Click 'Connect.'
  14. The page that appears shows how each field associated with the record type will be sent over. This is typically accurate, but you may want to look it over to ensure the type and aggregation are correct.
  15. When you're ready, click the blue 'Add to Report' button in the upper right corner of the page. 
  16. Click "Create Report" and authorize Copper.
  17. A new tab will open that will show your data. Keep in mind, it will take a couple minutes to load. If you notice it taking longer than 5 minutes, please write into support here.

If you want to surpass the data limit of the Google Data Studio Connector, you can pull data into Google Data Studio using our Custom Report Builder (a Google Sheets add-on.) 

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