Zerde Web Release / April 20, 2018



In the most recent Mobile release, the ProsperWorks mobile app rolled out Email Open Tracking. Now, users have a seamless experience when sending emails from the web app or from the mobile app, and can keep track of email opens wherever they go.  Also, tracked emails sent from the mobile app will trigger desktop notifications to complete the loop (see screenshots below)!

Update includes:

  • NEW Email open tracking support on Mobile



The MCS team continued to work on feature polish for the Multi-Currency feature and is nearing the finish line with this project! Remember, Multi-Currency will help businesses track their deals in many new currency types, effectively allowing our users to leverage ProsperWorks for international or unit based business. Stay tuned for details on a launch date for this exciting feature!

Update includes:

  • COMING SOON Multi-Currency feature will be rolled out SOON!


These bugs can Z their way out! Here are some highlights from the fixes we released last night.

  • Prior to this release, sometimes scraped info for Work Website was not getting successfully transferred into ProsperWorks--now, it’s fixed!
  • We also fixed a bunch of tricky email tracking bugs. Cheers to more seamless email tracking!

Thanks to everyone involved in getting the Z Major Web Release out the door.

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