Xian Noodles Web Release / March 23, 2018



These updates ensure that our newest, largest customers experience a highly responsive product especially when they are first getting started. Cheers to scalability!

Update includes:

  • NEW Improved performance on the backend that speeds things up for new users


This feature set will allow users to set custom currencies for their business, which makes it super easy for international businesses to run their operations through ProsperWorks. We’re still working on a handful of highly requested features from users in the beta program.

Update includes:

  • NEW Polish items for the Multi-Currency feature


Adios, bugs! Here are some highlights from the fixes we released last night.

  • With last night’s release, we rolled out a handful of improvements that bolster our system security for all users.
  • We also fixed a bug that was preventing Team and Visibility to only display up to 20 pipelines. Now, if users have 20+ pipelines, they will be able to get to their other pipelines.
  • Prior to this release, users were unable to use the footer navigation links on the Automated Actions page in Settings. Now, those navigation links work like a dream.
  • In this release, we also fixed a weird bug that sometimes caused your own image/contact to be listed as a suggested contact to add to ProsperWorks.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and fixes rolling out in our next major web release (Yolk), scheduled for 4/4.

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