Yolk Web Release - April 5, 2018



Our users will now have a seamless experience using our Chrome Extension when for the new Gmail UI coming soon.

Update includes:

  • NEW Updated our Chrome Extension to fit the new Gmail UI



Bye, bugs! Here are some highlights from the fixes we released last night.

  • With last night’s release, we fixed a bug that was causing an infinite spinner to display when searching for a record related to a specific email address.
  • As of yesterday’s release, disconnecting and reconnecting from the Slack integration is a much smoother process.
  • We also fixed a tricky issue with overlapping tooltips on the Pipeline Summary Weighted Report/Pipeline Summary on Today Dashboard.
  • We also continued to make progress identifying and tweaking our codebase to be more scalable and performant for customers with 200+ team members.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and fixes rolling out in our next major web release, coming soon!

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