2019-02 February 2019 Release Notes

What’s new

Workflow Automation robot-face_1f916.png

We’ve added Leads and Projects as 'Triggers' and Tasks as 'Actions' when building workflow automations. Learn how to build workflows here.

Quickbooks Integration money-with-wings_1f4b8.png

Sync Quickbooks online all invoice details to Copper on related records. View most recent invoices, payments against an open invoice, amount owed, and the status of invoice(s). Learn more about the Quickbooks integration.

Sorting on mobile up-down-arrow_2195.png

Sort by any column in the list view on any record type on the mobile apps. Check out how it works:



Activity Feed filtering down-pointing-small-red-triangle_1f53d.png

Copper will now remember your activity filter settings based on your last setting

Date / Time display on the Activity Feed calendar_1f4c5.png

We’ve standardized the date/time format in activity feed

Filtering on mobile mobile-phone-with-rightwards-arrow-at-left_1f4f2.png

Filter improvements on the list view including shortcuts and usability enhancements.

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