2019-03 March 2019 Release Notes

What’s new

Record Type Renaming squared-cool_1f192.png

  • You can now rename record types in Copper to suit your business preferences.

    For example, if you use the term “Vendors” instead of “Companies” you can rename “Companies” to “Vendors”, or if you use “Opportunities” to manage a recruitment process you can rename that record to “Applications.” Learn more here.

Reordering the Related Panel up-down-arrow_2195.png

  • Drag and drop to customize the order or even hide sections of the related panel on any record type. All changes will be reflected for every user in your organization. Check it out!

Hubspot integration gear_2699.png

  • View what emails have been sent to your contacts and which mailing lists they are subscribed to within HubSpot Marketing Automation. Learn more about the Hubspot integration.

New Language: Japanese circled-ideograph-congratulation_3297.png

  • Konichiwa Copper! We now support Japanese as a language in Copper.


Workflow Automation robot-face.png

  • “Check once a day” has been added as a trigger when building a workflow.
    Plus, additional fields are now supported for trigger conditions including: Days in Stage, Interaction Count, Last Contacted Date.

Admin email visibility eyes_1f440.png

  • Ability to limit email visibility in activity feeds and searching for Admins that are non-Account Owners.

Copying phone numbers and emails on mobile selfie_1f933.png

  • Tap and hold on phone numbers and email addresses in the Copper app to copy them.
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