CRM Best Practices for Agencies

Whether you're a brand agency, an ad agency, or an events agency (or any other type of agency), you're managing relationships. A lot of them.

And if you're still using spreadsheets, you're doing your team (especially your creatives) a disservice.

There are more efficient, easier-to-use, and more collaborative tools out there. And this is one of them.

Check out a quick, 1 minute overview of Copper for Agencies, then watch our full webinar below. 

In this webinar on CRM best practices for agencies, we'll talk about how to:

  • Tackle common agency challenges with CRM
  • Win clients, communicate more effectively, and build longer-lasting relationships
  • Get your team to adopt new tech (enthusiastically)
  • Manage complex agency relationships—including with vendors, clients, and freelancers
  • And more!

17 minutes


And for a bit of inspiration, check out this Case Study to see how the creative agency and production company Corduroy Media uses Copper.

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