Gmail's Confidential Mode and Copper

There are times when an email just needs to stay private, so Google created Gmail Confidential mode. Gmail Confidential mode allows you to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. You can use confidential mode to set an expiration date for messages or revoke access at any time. Recipients of the confidential message will have options to forward, copy, print, and download disabled.

Copper works with Confidential mode to ensure that your privacy is met. Read below to learn how to send confidential messages and view them in Copper.

Sending an email in confidential mode

Viewing a confidential mode email in Copper

Sending an email in confidential mode

If you wish to send an email in Confidential mode, the email must be sent from Gmail directly.

To do this, start composing a new email. When you’re ready to send it, click the timed clock icon on your compose message toolbar as illustrated below.  


Once you’ve enabled Confidential mode, you’ll be shown the security options you can enable for the email.

You can set an expiration date for the email and choose whether or not the email requires an SMS passcode to view.  

When you’ve selected from the options, click save. Gmail will show a message regarding the settings you’ve chosen.

If you’ve elected to use an SMS passcode, Gmail will ask you to provide the phone number of the recipient.

You can then send your email as you would normally.  

For more information on these security options, please visit Google’s support page for Confidential mode. 

Please note: When sending a Confidential email as a Copper user, other Copper users may be able to view the body of the email in the activity feed. If this is an issue, you may look into Copper’s Email Visibility Settings.

Viewing a Confidential mode email in Copper

Emails sent in Confidential mode are ingested into Copper like any other email. The difference is, they require a couple extra steps to view due to their enhanced security.  

To view a confidential email, navigate to the activity feed that contains the ingested email. 

When you locate the email in Copper, you’ll see the email in the activity feed and the subject line will be visible.  

The body of the email will simply say “______ has sent you an email via Gmail confidential mode.” 


To view the contents, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the email in Copper and select “View in HTML”.

This will allow you to view the full email with Google’s link to open the confidential email. After clicking that link, if an SMS passcode is required Google will send a passcode to the phone number that the sender specified.

After receiving the passcode via SMS, enter the code and click Submit. The full text and body of the email will then be revealed.  

 If you another user in Copper attempts to open the Confidential email you’ve received, they will be met with an error message reading “Wrong account. Your Google account does not have access to this email. Please try another one.”

For more information on Gmail Confidential mode, check out Google's own support page on Confidential mode.

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