Interactive Team Training - Change Management

No matter how easy Copper is to use, integrating a new CRM into your team's daily functions can be a challenge, and getting buy-in from your team is the most important part of a successful implementation.

It's important that your team has a basic understanding of what Copper is, why they're using it, and how Copper will be enabling their workflows. 

That's why we've created a downloadable deck and customizable worksheet to help you orient your team with Copper and manage the change to a new system. 


How to Use

  1. If you're the champion of your team's Copper implementation, download the customizable Change Management Deck and Worksheet at the bottom of this page
  2.  Starting on slide 1 of the Deck, complete any ADMIN call outs
  3. Add corresponding customizations to the ADMIN portions of the Worksheet
  4. Once complete, present your Deck while distributing the Worksheet for your team to follow along


Summary of Change Management Topics

These will guide you through defining the following:

  • A summary of what Copper is, why you're using it, and how Copper will be enabling your workflows
  • A personal pledge from your team as to how they hope to leverage Copper tools
  • Copper record definitions - What a Lead, Company, Person, Opportunity, and Project mean to your organization
  • Migration sources - The origins of any imported data
  • An overview of bringing a prospect through the Copper funnel
  • Usability tips and tricks
  • A sample exercise 


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