2019-09 September 2019 Release

What’s new: 

  • View activities by user on any record 🔍

    Activity Feed - filter your activity feed on any record by user. See all emails, notes, calls made by you or anyone on your team to a particular account.


  • Create a list to show latest activity 📞📩

    Filter by Activity types—users can now filter down a list by Activity. Want to see all Customers you called last week? Easy. Need to see all the leads you emailed in the last month? Done. 



  • Reorder fields into collapsible sections ⏬

    Collapsible sections - Add fields to new sections to collapse menus for easier navigation



  • You can now disable "To-Dos" from the Activity Feed 📋

We’ve added the ability to turn off the “To-Do” activity to help declutter your activity feed on records

  • Auto-logging of Calendar events 📅

We now auto-log past Calendar events as activities and they will show up in the activity log as well as in Activity Reports.


  • Recommended Next Steps - Stale correspondence suggesting emails to follow up on
  • Developer API update - Fetch Connect Field Data Based on Entity type and Entity ID
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