2019-10 October 2019 Release Notes

October 2019

What's new: 

  • Connect fields filtering - filter your contacts, companies or deals by Connect fields. Need to see all child companies of a particular parent company? Need to know who manages who at your customer's company? Now you can, by filtering the connect fields you've set up.

  • Email nudges - we now show you emails that your recipients have not responded to or are awaiting a response from you. We will nudge you to take some action so nothing slips through the cracks. You can find this on your dashboard!

  • Quick actions the mobile app - We know how much easier it is to access quick actions in Copper's mobile app so we're expanding them across the entire app! Making your experience on-the-go even faster. Across the entire mobile app, in one click you can now:
    • Text
    • Call
    • Email
    • Get Directions
    • Log Activities
    • Share
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