Account Customization Guide

We recommend our Self Guided Onboarding in the Community for the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide!

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This guide is designed to help you brainstorm how you will customize Copper and build out your account so that it makes sense for your organization.

At the bottom of this article, you can download our Account Customization Guide that will walk you through modifying each core section of Copper to match your needs.

Our downloadable guide, a Google Sheet, contains 7 tabs. Each tab is a template to guide you through matching your data and workflow to Copper's structure.


We recommend going through the tabs in order, and by the end, you will have a blueprint for building out Copper and prepping your data for a successful import. 

Each tab will cover detailed instructions, but here’s a brief overview of what the guide will cover:

  • Step 01: Data Tracking
    Capture the who, what, and how of your organization.
  • Step 02: Data Segmentation (Core Records)
    Determine where your data should live in Copper. Discover the default fields on core records and decide what custom fields you will need to create in order to capture that data.
  • Step 03: Data Segmentation (Other Records)
    Determine default and custom fields for other record types like Projects and Tasks. Discover additional customizations for Activity Types, Sources, and Loss Reasons.
  • Step 04: Workflow Process
    Explore what linear repeatable processes you should track in Copper.
  • Step 05: Reporting
    Learn about Copper’s Reporting features and consider your reporting needs.
  • Step 06: Copper Automations
    Learn about Copper’s Automation features and determine if your workflows can be automated.
  • Step 07: Data Import
    Set up your existing data for a successful import into Copper.

Now, click below to download the Account Customization Guide and get started with customizing Copper!

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