Copper Import Support Service

Looking for a helping hand with your importing process? Copper has partnered with a third party service to help with your data migration and enable a seamless transition from clunky spreadsheets to Copper. If you're interested this paid professional service, please explore the following guidelines and next steps!

Before requesting assistance with importing, please review and confirm the following requirements to prepare for a successful import of your data! Once the below To-Dos are completed, simply fill in this request form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Request an Import Service!


Before Requesting Import Service:

  1. Format your data as a Google Sheet, CSV, or Excel file. Here is a link to a default template to help you get started. Ensure that all of the columns outlined in the template are being captured across Companies, People, Opportunities, and Leads. For example, if a People record does not have a Company name or other details entered in the CSV or Excel file, the information will be mapped correctly. Note: If you use this template, please must make a copy and rename it with your Company name.
  2. Review your existing records to identify the fields that you need to add to Copper. It's important that you create these custom fields in Copper first ​before any of your records are imported. Otherwise, your data won't have anywhere to go! This also applies when updating records where a new field is included in your data set.

Once these items are complete, you are ready to Request an Import Service.

Looking for learn more about Importing files into Copper? Check out our articles on Preparing your File, Importing from CSV/ExcelImporting Data in Copper, and Common Issues.

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