Introducing Projects


We’ve been quietly toiling away here at Copper and we’re excited to unveil a complete revamp of Projects in Copper. We have had a lot of feedback from customers who told us they wanted to be able to continue to use Copper after the deal had closed. Especially for those who deliver work as a service, it was critical to be able to combine CRM and project management—all in one place.


Earlier this summer, we added Task Boards to our Projects feature. This enables your team to organize tasks and responsibilities for a project. Now, we've also rolled out Project Templates, which let you create pre-made project types to make your setup even faster.


To supercharge your workflow, you can also create a new Project directly from an opportunity when you mark it as won. Neat, huh?


These new features are available to all customers!

Read our blog announcement!


Projects Explained

Get started by watching our video demonstration of how Projects work in Copper, narrated by our Senior Product Manager, Andrea:

Prefer a step-by-step guide? We’ve got you covered! Click here to read our guide on managing projects in Copper.


Ready to Get Started with Projects?

Open your project list by clicking on the briefcase icon in the left navigation bar in the Copper web app. Or, read more about managing projects in Copper and customizing project task boards.


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