Copper Insights Beta (Archived)


The Insights Beta over and more information about the new feature can be found at this link.

The Insights Beta is a preview version of a complete revamp of in-app Reporting with Copper, designed to increase the breadth of actionable insights, and deepen reporting flexibility so you can visualize your data and build customized insights most relevant to you and your business.   

With the Insights Beta, you’ll get out-of-the-box reporting dashboards for the most common reporting use cases, plus the ability to explore, create, and share reports in ways previously not possible with the Copper app.

We’re still developing our support articles but in the meantime here’s a 5-minute high-level overview of what you can do with the Insights Beta:


Currently supported features/limitations include:

  • Only Account Owners and Admins can see Copper Insights Beta 
  • Create, edit, configure your own dashboards 
  • Copy and save your own created dashboards 
  • Schedule recurring reporting dashboards via email
  • Export Insights and Dashboards in spreadsheets or PDFs (respectively) 
  • Setup KPI alerts 
  • Drilldowns on Insights 
  • Support for Leads and Opportunities
  • Data refreshes once a day 
  • Native currency support

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