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We are an accounting firm, so we have clients who own multiple companies. Currently, PrWo only allows a contact to have one linkable company. This poses a problem with tracking. Yes, we can add a custom field to add the client's additional companies, but the companies don't link to the actual company records, so they're pretty much useless for tracking.

Please create a fix so that we can assign multiple linkable companies to contacts.



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    We have good news!

    All of Professional and Business users now have access to connect fields feature, which would allow use cases that are highlighted in this post. To learn more about Connect fields, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.

  • This, so much this!

    A few of my clients also have multiple companies and I get so conflicted on what to do. And then searching for them later becomes a pain.

  • Thanks, Alex! For now, we choose the "main" company, and that's totally subjective. The other companies don't get any love. lol

  • This would be fantastic for us, too! We have clients who have main companies, but then there could be 4, 5 different schools under the main one. 

  • +1

  • Agreed! Add the ability to connect companies also. I deal in Automotive Equipment. I have people who own multiple dealerships. A person is the contact at the holding group that owns multiple dealerships. There are then individuals that are the contacts at each dealership.

    Connecting companies to each other would be a great help. Connecting multiple companies to a single person would also be a huge help. Both would be great!

  • I need that too!

  • Also this.

  • Also this!

  • Yep. We have contacts with Chamber of Commerce who open up a lot of opportunities for us, but also work for their own companies. It seems daft that we can't associate more than one company with them, as we can opportunities. I have to add this as a note at the moment which is really messy.

  • Rob,
    The only way I have been able to get around this issue that Copper will not fix is to create a project.
    I deal with dealerships who have multiple locations with a headquarters and what I do is I create a company called "dealership HQ". I create a project and connect it to the dealership HQ. I list all of the corporate employees under that company name.
    Afterwards, I add each individual dealership location with their respective employees.
    This gives me the ability to research dealership groups by the dealership group name. Maybe you can adapt what I do to what you need.

  • Thanks for that. As you say, not ideal though and I can't understand why only one business is necessary.

  • +1!!

  • Multiple Companies is Not Uncommon,

    Why this not updated after years of request 

  • This needs to be updated. Having a contact only linkable to one company doesn't make sense across many industries. 

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