• Hey Jack

    In the Sales Funnel, Conversion Rate and Win Probability can you check the template as values in B:B are not populating. Have downloaded template twice - issue remains.

    ALSO - can you confirm if our dates are in ddmmyyyy format in the CRM will they transfer over in the data export in a suitable format for this template?

  • Hi Jack,

    Can you provide instructions on how to use the "Dashboard to link back to Prosperworks Filters"? I can't seem to figure it out.



  • @Dave Mackey

    The report is working as expected.  Make sure you are following all the directions to the instructions sheet and that your stages don't have any typos in them.  For the export format as long as your date format is set correctly in Sheets then it should align.

    @Dave Vega

    All you need to do is copy the URL to the filter you want the report to link to then paste it into the corresponding cell in column A of the Index sheet.


  • @Jack


    Hmmm maybe I'm missing something. I copied the URL's from my Prosperworks page but the charts did not update. Don't I need to update the leads and opportunities tabs also? not sure what fields this is pulling from.





  • Hi Dave,

    Because of the custom nature of the linking to specific filters in ProsperWorks, this template is merely an example and not one that you will be able to plug your data into directly unless you edit the queries for the Leads and Opps sheets.

    Please just review the logic I used to create these reports to create your own.


  • Cool templates

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