• pleeeeeaaassseee!! we need to be able to customize/add merge tags. This would be so helpful!

  • Thanks for the feedback, Nicole. We will certainly keep it in mind. Also, please note that although you can't use custom fields in template, you can include custom merge fields when sending and replying to emails. Ursula

  • Second what Nicole is saying! Would be incredibly useful :)

  • Agreed! Would love to have custom fields merge with email template

  • Is there a way to define what is included as #MergeFields and what the fields contain?
    It would seem essential to be able to define more #MergeFields and add to the list of fields, create shared values and private values.

  • Leonard -- Great idea! I will forward your feedback to our product manager. At this time there is no way to define your merge fields. For more info on merge fields, check here.

  • Still looks like a no on custom merge fields? 


    #cf_<canonical_name> would be ideal so that it lines up with the workflow engine.


    canonical_name = field key

  • Hi Grace,

    Thanks for bringing this back up.  I'm happy to create a Feature Request to send to our product team on the Custom Merge Fields.

    When you are inside of a specific Person Record, you can hit the # sign to pull in custom fields that you have.  However, this will be done on the individual email level.  I recommend as a work around to create the template, apply it to the person record, then place in the Custom Merge fields that you want.

    The WorkFlow Engine is currently still in BETA, so this is great feedback to pass to our Product team!



    Brett Ponton

    Customer Education at Copper

  • I was just asking about this today!  It would be a tremendous help to have custom merge fields for email templating and a page where those could be viewed and edited.

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