Wrapping text for Notes and Latest Contact Notes

In the side-bar view of a person, it would be helpful to get the Notes or especially the Latest Contact Notes field to wrap the way that the Description field wraps.  Otherwise one is left with a cryptic tiny space to get caught up on a given person in a glance.

Having more readable space in these fields would also help in generating Custom Reports.

An added feature would be able to copy the Latest Contact Notes to the Log Activity\Create Note for long-term storage, then deleting what's there in preparation for an updated "Latest Contact Notes".



  • Hey Tim! I have a bit of a creative idea of something here, your last comment sparked it.

    What if we built an automation that took a certain unique string of text in the contact notes custom text area and triggered the creation of an activity on that record and then wiped out the text area afterward (essentially for long-term storage).

    I'm thinking by doing something unique like typing in [Log Note] at the end or something would then trigger the automation in. Taking all that info and logging it as a note activity and then wiping out the information.

    I can kinda think through how we'd accomplish this with automation and sounds like a pretty interesting use-case, let me know if there's value in exploring it, if you're interested you can reach me here.

    Cool idea - Cheers!


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