Track open rates on bulk email sends

I know you can already track when a person opens your email, but it would be incredibly helpful to see how many people in a bulk email list opened the email as a percentage.



  • Hey Kate!

    Sounds like you're more-so looking for a more proper bulk-outreach tool like Outfunnel. It integrates incredibly well with Copper and will allow you to see the stats that you are referring to.

    I'd be curious how you're using the bulk email features within Copper as you could get in some hot water (blacklisted), or into trouble if you don't have a proper "unsubscribe" link at the bottom if you're doing outreach at the scale of which seeing an open rate would be helpful.

    I actually wrote up an article going into more detail and for when to use what tool. In the article, think of "efficient app" as sending bulk emails through Copper's interface. It has some positives and negatives to it, for example, sending off bulk emails to cold contacts (or those who haven't opted in), without having an "unsubscribe" link will result in your domain getting blacklisted and harm your delivery rate.

    Would be curious to hear more about what you're trying to accomplish though to give the best recommendation, feel free to reach out here if you'd like to discuss further :)

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