2-Way Sync with Google Contacts


I would like a true 2-way sync with Google Contacts.



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    We're planning on adding native support for this in the next couple of quarters and will update once this is available.

  • In the meantime, an option to import Gmail contacts selecting by Groups -instead of having to pick each contact manually would be a good feature

  • +1, a must.

  • +10 / Perhaps an integration with Full Contact would be the easiest solution for this.

  • Would be great !

  • Yes, Have your Contact Types match Google Contacts, then sync
    Maybe a Premium feature Wink Wink

  • +1, a non-starter otherwise

  • +1 full sync with PW contacts folder only would be just fine.

  • Yes please. :)

  • yes please!

  • +1000

  • Yes. Please enable 2-Way contact sync with Google Contacts.

  • yes, please add it ASAP.

  • This is a must have considering you are so integrated with Google as it is, can this feature be fast tracked?

  • Saving time is essential for a CRM system. People use a great deal of time punching in information. With Evercontact all contact information in Gmail contacts are updated from incoming emails. If ProsperWorks also could sync with Gmail it would be a huge time saver.

  • I need to know if ProsperWorks is in the development of this feature. I will chose this CRM app of all the 20+ I have tried the lats 3 weeks. But only if 2-way sync becomes available very soon. I don't wanna update my contacts 2 different places.

  • Absolutely!
    A must have.

  • and sync with My Contacts, not make duplicated contacts like now.

  • As I have a data issue, I found this thread. I agree you must have 2-Way Sync

  • Must have feature, seriously!

  • ASAP!

  • This would be a very good feature, but not something that bugs me at the moment. When I do need to edit a contact I open the ProsperWorks app and edit the contact within ProsperWorks.

  • When will this become a reality? I think it is strange that this is not already a feature.

  • +1 -- the most important missing feature. Either sync with Google Contacts or Full Contact.

  • Please do this!!

  • Hi All,
    Thanks for your votes. We currently provide Google contact 2-way sync through a 3rd party partner called Pie Sync ( Check it out and let us know what you think.


  • +1 When a contact is deleted from ProsperWorks to also delete from Google contacts

  • I'm ok with my plan but piesync needs API that is not available in my plan :(

  • Please?!?! It's the only feature that's missing. As of right now, the ProsperWorks Android App does not replace the standard phone/contacts app. So when I get calls, the standard app is used for contact management. The standard phone/contacts app pulls data from Google Contacts. This is a wonky set up. Would like either the ProsperWorks app to completely replace my standard app (taking calls, managing contacts, etc.), or there needs to be a true two-way sync with Google. Please. :)

  • +1, PW definitely needs to offer a two-way sync between contacts with gmail. It's a very basic requirement and though I can tie up with pie sync as recommended by PW I think paying an additional USD 15 per month for this service is way too high and unnecessary.

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