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I would like to add someone as Lead or Person in my Copper account directly from their LinkedIn profile. I would like their LinkedIn profile information to be automatically pulled into their details page.



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    Hey everyone, 

    We are pleased to announce that this feature is now available through our integration with Leadjet. You can sign up and try it out. For more information, visit our support article on how to set it up.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Email us at:

  • Would be nice feature, but my understanding is LI has closed the integration doors to CRM vendors other than sfdc in an effort to protect their data domain. Is there another way to play the LI data? Kudos to PW if you can figure it out!

  • If there is no API, you should at least be able to use a chrome extension to populate and link a LI contact to a prosper contact.

  • Would be great if possible to integrate with LinkedIn messaging as well so that LinkedIn messages appear as activities in Prosperworks

  • You should look the way hubspot do it with chrome extention

    we can upload the info ( from linkedin ) directly to the CRM of Hubspot .



  • Just switched over from Salesforce and love most of ProsperWorks except this - it shouldn't be a problem with the API as, Hubspot, Base CRM and a bunch of other services are easily able to pull data via a Chrome Extension (just clipping on-page data when the page is open and feeding into native system).

  • I can't stress how wonderful a robust LinkedIn integration would be - often information such as previous job titles and mutual connections are invaluable in our interactions with clients.

    Even if a full integration isn't possible it would be super useful if ProsperWorks could provide a link to a Person's LinkedIn (without getting all there other social media information)

  • PING!! Any update or comment from Prosperworks on any sort of LinkedIn integration?

    Being able to pull LinkedIn messages into Prosperworks would be extremely valuable! Any communication with a prospect should be logged, but right now the only options are an email or a manually-entered note.

  • This would be very nice. We currently use a utility to grab the current LinkedIn Profile and download it into a CSV that we later import into Copper and it would be great to have a better solution.

  • Agreed .. any update Copper CRM?  is a chrome extension going to be added that enables the functionality noted below?

    PING!! Any update or comment from Prosperworks on any sort of LinkedIn integration?

    Being able to pull LinkedIn accounts into Leads and LinkedIn messages into Prosperworks Copper CRM would be extremely valuable!   Any communication with a prospect should be logged, but right now the only options are an email or a manually-entered note.


  • +1

  • +1 on this

  • +1 on LinkedIn Messaging. Has anyone found a workaround for this?

  • +1 on LinkedIn Messaging. 

  • With recent news, we're re-evaluating this feature for an upcoming release.  We'd love to get feedback on specific use cases to make sure we're on the right track so please add to this thread or reach out to us at

  • I often track down a potential customer on LinkedIn and manually add them to Copper. Two ways integration could work.

    1. via Copper Gmail Extension or copper web interface. Add Person-> paste linkedin url, auto fill whatever you can

    2. From Chrome extension button menu, when on a LinkedIn profile, have an Add to copper button that opens the add person page autofilled with LinkedIn info.

    You are really underutilizing that Chrome extension button. I would like to add companies or people from google maps via that button as well.

    I do not need to sync info with LinkedIn. In fact, I don't want LinkedIn messing with my data in Copper at all. On the other hand, a little notification on the person that there is new info on LinkedIn would be useful.

  • This would be a great feature for us, please add it to Copper!

  • Im currently in a trial period with Copper and I would suggest this is a must-have feature.

    As a person considering the different CRM's in the market, this was one of the items I first thought of as being a game-changer.

    I think by having this you would win more business.


  • I am generating leads from many technical sources, not just Gmail. An Import LinkedIn profile to existing leads would properly match them well and be a game-changer in my time spent toiling with the Copper interface. I've had more success on LinkedIn than email these days... happy to share our workflow.

  • Upvote for this!  I reach out to potential target accounts on LinkedIn Connect feature and it would be great to have that outreach (which becomes lost until the target connects with you) fed into Copper.  OR at least the connection request so that I can capture my work and interest in the Company and Person.  And then it would be great to have all messaging feed automatically into Copper.

  • +1 very interested in this feature.

    and if possible tracking messaging at linkedin to activities.


  • I would really appreciate this!!!

  • And if it takes you too much time, can you at least allow us to enter a new contact just by pasting the LinkedIn url into copper. It should be fairly easy for you to then fill in their name field, company field, title field

  • Thank you all so much for the feedback. 

    We have some great news! 🎉

    We have officially launched our LinkedIn integration with our partner LeadJet in October!

    Please check it out here

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