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I would like to customize what I see on my dashboard. I would like to see what is most important and relevant to me.



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    We have another feature request with more votes that is very similar to this so please add comments to

    We're going to close this one to comments to focus the conversation.

  • Totally - That is frustrating...

  • Definitely. The UX is a bit of a mess... Easy to get lost when things like projects are a side panel and look the same as everything, and then the dashboard is just a grid of irrelevant information. Love the app but lots of room for meaningful user experience and workflow improvement.

  • Hey Everyone,


    We are trying to get this into our roadmap soon. If any of you are available I'd love to have a quick chat to better understand your needs with this as well as ask a few questions so we can build the best solution for you. If you have time for a short chat please let me know an I'll reach out to you to set up a time. 



  • absolutely. Current setup is not very informative.

  • For the love of all that is good in this world, PLEASE get rid of Suggested Contacts, or at the very least MOVE it to the bottom.  I mean why is it at the top of my dashboard?

  • Hello, 

    New to ProsperWorks. Any ETA for this feature? Found it weird that you can't customize the dashboard. 




  • Suggested Contacts is not needed and takes up a lot of real estate on the Individual Dashboard page. 

  • Please provide an option to simply turn off the Suggested Contacts component. The premise behind it seems flawed. It assumes that everyone you interact with could become a contact of interest for CRM. That might be the case for dedicated sales people, but for many of us marketing / selling is only a portion of our responsibilities, and we interact with a large number of people that are not at all associated with Opportunities. Thanks.

  • Agreed. Having flexibility on what to see would be amazing! Would definitely be up to chat about it, AJ.


  • I agree as I was trying to customize my dashboard as well. Thanks 

  • Agreed. Along these same lines, my pipelines have pre-set filters in my dashboard that I can't seem to change. I want to see ALL open opportunities, not just my own.

  • @AJ Mihalic, if you're still looking for people to discuss this feature, let me know, I'd be happy to discuss.

  • I don't use Prosperworks as much as others on the team and the absence of this feature is a gigantic pain point. I have one thing (add new people and manually log interactions) I want to get done when I log on and it's virtually impossible to figure out how to do it each time. And very frustrating to be force fed all these features I don't care about on my dashboard. You might lose our business over this.

  • Is there any timeline for a customisable dashboard?  Can't believe this has been going on for so long!


  • I've been watching some of the help video's and clearly the dashboard can be changed because the guys on the screen is different than mine.  How?

  • Please... The dashboard really doesn't show me what I want to know. Is there a plan for this?

  • AJ

    I am new to PW and I concur with all of the above comments - The ability to add, remove, rearrange the Home / Dashboard - Anything...

    This thread has been going on for over 18 months - is there any movement / update on this?


  • Please remove suggested contacts.   

  • Any progress on this topic so far? 

  • Any progress on this topic so far? (one year later)


  • hard to believe this has not been implemented yet, this feature is desperately needed

  • Why can't  I add specific custom fields to my dashboard?
    This is a 2-year-old request?

  • This dashboard has negative value. The algorithms for suggesting activity offer irrelevant information. It has to be customizable to have any value. It needs to present not just today, but the next week, and perhaps month as well. 

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