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I would like to be able to link people to multiple companies and not just to multiple opportunities.

In my industry, I have customers who own multiple companies that buy my product. I need to be able to link all the companies that each customer is associated with or owns.



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    Good news!

    All of Professional and Business users now have access to connect fields feature, which would allow use cases that are highlighted in this post. To learn more about Connect fields, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.

  • I also would like to do that

  • Good feature for freelancers working for several companies at once.

  • I would like that, too. Some of my clients own or are consultants in multiple companies. There needs to be a way to associate them with multiple companies without having to resort to tags.

  • Desperate for this function

  • I need this feature too. I would also add that a single person should be able to be linked to a single company multiple ways. For comparison, Insightly does a great job with these features.

    User story: I'm a lawyer. Some of my clients own multiple companies. Some of my clients are independent contractors who work for multiple companies. Some of my clients have multiple roles with one company (e.g., owner/stockholder, board member/director, CEO/employee). I also meet and interact with prospective clients through community organizations: service clubs like Rotary, business referral groups like BNI, neighborhood associations, churches, etc. Linking a person to multiple companies solves these problems.

  • This would be helpful not only for consultants/freelancers but to manage trusteeships, director relationships similar to as mentioned by Joseph M Jarvis. It would be great to be able to record the additional relationships as well as the role they have at that company.

  • This will likely be a make or break feature for us. Will just be too hard to manage with out it...

  • This is important for us too. We deal with freelancers who work in multiple environments

  • It is a must. I work with yacht crew who work on multiple yachts and for multiple owners.

  • Is there any update on this feature?

  • +1

  • Absolutely in need of this feature.  As an alarm/fire security company and locksmith, we have so many clients that manage multiple properties.  Currently it is very difficult to to associate these contacts with their connected companies...  Please please please.

  • Thank you for the feedback everyone. This feature is very much top of mind right now, and we're hoping to have an update for you soon.

  • This is a must.

    I have people, who are directors of some companies, CEO of others and sit on the board of others that I all work with. I would love to keep track of what position they have in each place, and also allows me to cross market and find solutions for the basket of companies they have influence over. 

  • We are accountants our clients are directors of many companies. This is a make or break feature. Love the CRM so far

  • 2 1/2 years in the queue as a planned feature, but no progress yet?

  • Hi Jim, this feature is definitely at the top of our list and though the post is two years old, I believe it was moved to "Planned" only recently. We would be interested in hearing how you would apply this feature. What is your specific use case? Ursula

  • Ursula

    My need is to connect board members, who are almost always on multiple boards, to the companies.  So there is one record for the Director and his primary firm and it is linked to all of the other companies on whose boards he sits.  

  • Hi Ursula. Would love to hear more about the plans for this sometime. We frequently work with people who have multiple roles (directors at one organisation as per Jim, also trainers, consultants, advisors others who work at multiple organisation with different hats on). Linking to multiple companies is important, as is the ability to have an indication of their role/relationship there.

  • HI Ursula,

    We have been requesting this feature as well. To me this is an important commercial feature that without we cant (and other companies) sign up.

    We are an accounting practice and need to record Directors to companies as a person can be a director of many companies.

    Also you need to be able to link multiple organisations to each other. ie we have Trusts that have Corporate (Company) Trustees, also these Corporate Trustees can be trustees for multiple organisations.

    Love your software, however if this function does not come soon we will be too entrenched in our current CRM to move. Please please make the change.

    Kind Regards,



  • Thank you for sharing the details.

  • Critical for me as well. we are managing yacht owners with multiple yachts and we need to link one owner to multiple yachts. We also have company owners who are captains of a yacht so they need to be linked to both, the company and the yacht.

  • Just adding my voice to the crowd.

    We service both families and their companies and right now we are restricted to either having an individual associated with their family... or with the company they work at / own.

    If only ProsperWorks had more flexible linking options, it would be perfect. There seem to be a lot of strange restrictions on what can be linked and named: you only get one company, you can't link contacts to each other (e.g. for personal assistants), you can't rename fields on the fly or at all unless they're already custom. I'm sure there's a backend reason for it but when it's easier to input CRM-specific information into Google Contacts than our dedicated CRM, something feels off. If your engineers need inspiration, Tigerpaw; Solve360; and Insightly all do this very well.

  • +1

  • Where are we with this?

    Many of our Contacts supervise multiple locations (Companies), We need to see those Contacts when we pull up each of their locations (Companies).

    How about a projected time line? What is your solution?

  • Yes, could be good to link people to multiple companies also for me

  • Where are we with this?


  • Hello ProsperWorks Community!

    Thank you for all the feedback you have submitted regarding this feature. I hope you will be delighted to know that support for linking People to multiple Companies (and many other record types) is now in the roadmap; the design work has just started.

    I'd like to understand the various ways our users want to use this feature. I have created a really short survey (4 questions only) and if you have 90 seconds, please make sure you fill it out!

    Here is the link to this short 'Lookup fields' survey

    Your answers will help us build the best possible UX!

    Thank you,


  • This is an important feature for us as well.  

    We work with physical therapists who provide services at multiple healthcare centers and we need to create this relationship.

    We also work with people who work on a contact basis - they work at one health care facility A for 6 months, them move to Health care Facility B.  We need a way to keep their communications with Facility A intact after they move to Facility B, but not have them show up on both records.

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