Link people to multiple companies


I would like to be able to link people to multiple companies and not just to multiple opportunities.

In my industry, I have customers who own multiple companies that buy my product. I need to be able to link all the companies that each customer is associated with or owns.



  • We urgently need a way to link people/contacts to multiple companies. We are a property funds management group and have many investors. 1 investor may be investors/linked to multiple investment company records. 

    Is there any update on when this feature is planned to be rolled out?


    Thanks Alicia

  • Hi Alicia, This is definitely a feature we are looking to implement, but we do not yet have a timeline to share. We will keep this group posted with any updates. Ursula

  • Hi Ursula, 

    Any update on this feature?

  • This feature is a MUST for so many of us and the lack of a timeline or progress report is only increasing our disappointment.  

  • Hi Ursula,

    From reading Bridget's response I agree this is increasingly disappointing.


    HOWEVER >> I just noticed this feature has been updated with a status 'planned' implying you s/w/could have a gross roadmap and timeline.
    Please share this with us!

    Cheers, Jeroen

  • Thank you Jeroen :)
    I didn't notice the Planned tag, I was focusing on the thread hoping for updates from the last post (Alicia's May 29th post).

  • Ursula


    Another use of this feature would be to connect companies to their venture investor firms and then to be able to show what the venture portfolio looks like.  So not just connecting people to multiple companies as in directors, but also other companies (investors) to multiple companies.


    Hope that helps.

  • I am a realtor.  I have to multiple people to eachother and opportunities and  need to link multiple people/leads other multiple people/leads and opportunities/projects.  


  • Well, I think could be very useful have the possibility to connect multiple people to multiple companies and connect companies as a tree.



    John Green is the owner of COMPANY 1 and, at the same time board member of COMPANY 2 or president of COMPANY 3

    At the same time could be that COMPANY 4 have 10 brands (like Virgin have different brands). Could be good to have the possibility to understand in prosperworks that those companies are in the same group

  • This is a must. I work with many companies that have various branches and locations. At the moment I am not able to link them all together which makes it a mess to keep track. Being able to list companies in a tree and link people to various companies would be GREAT. Glad you are working on it. 

  • Thank you for providing additional details around your needs for this functionality. Ursula

  • Our example  - We manage 50 FedEx Express locations and we need to add the District Managers to all the locations they are responsible for. 

  • Our examples:

    1.  We work with contract rehab companies where a physical therapist may work at 2 or 3 nursing homes

    2.  We work with Clinical Specialists who may cover 7 - 10 nursing homes

    3.  We work with area directors who are responsible for 7  - 10 buildings


  • Hi PW, Any updates on when this rolling out? Need to know how much of a work-around I should create until a formal solution is rolled out. Any estimates are timing would be helpful (Q4, Q1, etc.). Thanks! 

  • Agreeing with Amanda, please update.

    Thank you 

  • Hi all! Thank you for the feedback. This is on our radar, and we're currently in the process to do some groundwork that will help with this feature. Ursula

  • Important feature, but I tried to fill out your questionarre and it was open for misinterpretation, some concrete examples would make it easier to understand exactly what you ask for:)

  • Any ETA on this feature? We need it for our API.

  • This is 1 year old.  How long does it take to implement planned ideas? 

  • In PW's defence, it's a pretty low-value feature for a pretty large amount of development effort. Probably not their highest priority and it shouldn't be. (I say this as someone who also really wants this feature- just being realistic :))

  • Why do you think there is a large amount of development needed?  

  • They'll most likely need to restructure their database- right now they most likely have a column in their "people" database schema for "company_id" -- in order to have multiple companies associated with a single person, they'd need to remove that and some other columns and add a new table with a list of comany_id + person_id + contact info sets (since contact info will change based on employer). They'd then have to change every existing reference in their code to reflect the updated design. They'd also need to spend a more effort than usual testing, since this kind of change to an existing feature is more likely to break something than developing a new feature.

    And that's on top of designing, implementing, and testing the UI, which involves lots of brainstorming, prototyping, and customer interviews.

    I mean- it's not a MASSIVE feature, but it's certainly more than a walk in the park, and I'm betting they've got more broadly valuable features in development with higher priority.

  • Thank you all for your invaluable feedback. 

    We have great news! We have been working on a solution (internally known as Custom Connect Fields) to address various use cases including linking people to multiple companies. We worked actively for the past several months brainstorming, conducting user surveys and interviews, going through many iterations of design and testing as Greg Intermaggio mentioned above. Connect Fields will enable you to connect any two records in leads, people, companies, opportunities, projects and your company users. For example, a connect field can be created to assign a manager managing multiple company locations. Another example would be to use a connect field to track all child companies from the parent company.

    We just started a Beta program on the first version of Connect Fields. We plan to iterate on your feedback to refine the feature before we can make it generally available for all users. Please don't hesitate to email me at for more details, signing up for Beta program, or sharing any other feedback.

  • This feature is EXTREMELY important I'm very surprised that its not available. For example, we supply lots of stores with multiple locations, there is no feature for multiple locations, and the owner of all the locations cant be tagged on all the locations. BIG HEADACHE especially since we have the shops in multiple territories. 


  • Has this been solved yet? Is there a function to had a field in People that allows you to select another company in a dropdown menu?

  • I need this feature¡ We have many People who is, at the same time, suplier and customer, and each one profile is manage by diferent employees.


  • While you can create a connect field and tie people to companies, I find this to be a pretty kludgy solution. This type of custom field is great for "prior company" for example, but for someone that works at 2 companies, it's a bit strange. Luckily this use-case doesn't come up too often for me or my clients specifically. Would be nice to have it natively allow for multiple companies though in a more natural way.

  • We have several clients with multiple locations.  Not being able to A. Add multiple addresses to a company or B. add a Person to more than one Company, there's no way to achieve serving multiple locations and maintain data integrity on our end.  

    The fact this thread started 5 years ago and it's such a basic business need is alarming.  Who doesn't sell to customers with multiple locations?  There's no business consultation on Copper's staff, evidently.

  • Need this feature!!!

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