Link people to multiple companies


I would like to be able to link people to multiple companies and not just to multiple opportunities.

In my industry, I have customers who own multiple companies that buy my product. I need to be able to link all the companies that each customer is associated with or owns.



  • "While you can create a connect field and tie people to companies, I find this to be a pretty kludgy solution. This type of custom field is great for "prior company" for example, but for someone that works at 2 companies, it's a bit strange. Luckily this use-case doesn't come up too often for me or my clients specifically. Would be nice to have it natively allow for multiple companies though in a more natural way."

    - We totally second this. Any updates around the possibility of having this feature formally implemented in a more elegant form? A large number of our contacts work for/belong to multiple companies.

  • This request is now 4 years old and is a big issue.  We have a lot of contacts that invest in multiple companies and any one of these companies may be a client of ours....

  • I'm looking for this feature as well - any update on when we can expect it to be available? We have many boards and committees that we want to have listed as secondary organizations so that their communication is listed in one area. 

  • I would really like this feature

  • We badly need this feature, as we deal with multiple teams inside of larger companies. These teams may have common contacts for certain roles - for example purchasing.

    Can you please remove the "completed" tag from this post? Connect fields are not a solution for the following reasons:

    • They conflict with the "always-on" People section - thus creating confusion and potentially multiple perceptions of the truth
    • They don't allow you to list all relevant contacts in the context of one organization
    • They do not pull in relevant communications

    Connect fields have their place, but this isn't it. They are clunky at best for this problem.

  • This is one of our biggest issues with copper. Why is it we can have multiple opportunities with multiple companies and multiple people? But not people working at multiple companies? Makes no sense. We have several regional directors and area directors for multiple accounts and we have to put "John Smith 1" "John Smith 2 (CC: John Smith 1) and so on so we know where to find the original email it is connected to. One of our directors have 32 accounts and we have 32 Colettes in our system when it is not necessary! Please fix! We have been using copper for 4-5 years and this still has yet to be resolved.

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