Re-order contact types in drop down list


Would love to order and re-order the contact types list as I please rather than the current sort of when the field option was created.



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    This is a great suggestion.  We currently plan to fix this after we've delivered some of the top requests voted for above this.  We'll update this ticket once we get closer to delivery.

  • Aloha - ME TOO on this one!


    Additionally - I'd like to add on the ability to delete or re-name the locked "Potential Customer" and "Current Customer" I don't happen to use those.

  • We need the ability to reorder items in all dropdown fields!

  • I second that!
    Is there any chance this will be implemented?
    There should not be any usability objections to add this functionality, and it should be quite easy to implement?
    Please let us know? 

  • +100!

  • Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback. If you don't mind, could you explain why and what you would need to remove contact types or re-ordering them for? And if applicable, how you are currently managing without it? 


    AJ Mihalic


  • Aloha AJ,

    Thanks for looking into this!

    Here's my list of Contact Types - copy/pasted directly from settings.  They're ordered/sorted by PW as I've entered them over time.  In my case, I'd prefer to customize the grouping/placement of them for display in the drop-down list. (I'd place more often used ones near the top, lesser used ones near the bottom. and group them logically for what I'm doing) I don't use the default Potential and Current Customer Contact Types at all, so they just take up space for me at the top of the list. I would have preferred to either rename them to something I'm using or delete/remove them.

    If you have any additional questions - feel free to hit me directly.

    Aloha, Allen :)


    Potential Customer
    Current Customer
    Affiliate: TWMD
    Affiliate: Teaza
    Affiliate Potential: TWMD
    Affiliate Potential: Teaza
    Potential Vendor/Supplier
    Affiliate: Rejected
    TWMD: Practitioner
    Affiliate: Deactivated
  • For us, a lot of this could potentially be solved with a multi-select drop-down field. But, yes, having the permissions to rename and/or reorder would be fantastic. 

    See, it would be great to keep "contact type" choices all together, and ordered in a way that makes sense for us. However, it would also be awesome to have this one as a multi-select drop-down as well, because we have people who are both customers and vendors, and potentially even one of our Channel Partners... and to add to that, some are even heads of associations. 

  • All the users above have captured my original intent on this request, and Jodie has added some even better ideas!

    My wish list, in order of priority would be:

    • Good: Ability to re-order contact types
    • Better: Ability to group or nest contact types (different types of clients or potential customers)
    • Best: Ability to multi-select contact types (as per Jodie's note)

    I can also see a need to delete or rename the default contact types, as Allen has suggested. For example, whereas you have called it potential customer we might call them a prospect or suspect or whatever terminology is meaningful in our organization.


    Thanks for considering this AJ!

  • My use-case is exactly as described by Allen Hanaike.

    Would love to see this in Prosperworks :)

  • Yes, re-ordering values in Dropdowns would be much appreciated! 


  • Popping back in here because yes, after creating a drop-down list, if a new option becomes available, or, say, someone forgot something, you can't go back and add that option and reorder; you need to delete all the prior options and re-enter, which you can't reasonably do if there is already data. Looking for something akin to the "Detail Field Order" function, but on the level of an individual field. 

    Example - we go to conferences and when we meet people at these conferences, we like to create a history of the ones they attended at the same time. If we happen to decide to attend a new conference, as the system is right now, that conference would need to be added to the end of the list, not allowing for any ability to logically organize either alphabetically or chronologically.

  • I'd love to see this too, for all dropdown and multi-dropdown lists.  I am constantly adding new classifications for my clients and its hard to find things in an unordered list.

  • We would really like to see this as well. This seems fairly fundamental and is almost a requirement to be fluid and flexible in changing markets.

  • This is a huge request because if we forget to add something it gets put all the way at the bottom then our agents never see it as an option.

  • Agreed!  I need the option to reorder all drop down menus.  There is a huge need for this, to preserve quality of user interface and ensure proper adoption and use of the platform.

  • I recognize the challenges in adapting the UX to accomodate this, so I would be happy just to have create/edit capabilities in the API for custom or native fields with dropdowns. That way I could edit the options or sort order as needed. Plus it adds functionality to the API. 

  • Absolutely concur on this. I would love to re-order Contact Types and Source and so on since the new one I created appear on top and are not the most used. Would save a lot of time everyday.

  • Being able to customize or alphabetize Contact Types would be of high value to user efficiency and compliance. Looking forward to Prosperwork's timeline for this update. Thanks!

  • So very basic at this point. Please add.

  • I can echo this. I'm new to the program, and this is one of the very first feature issues I've found.

  • Hi Vincent,

    4 years is long enough for the dev team to decide they are either going to implement this feature or not.  The lack of posting in this forum by yourself or someone from Copper is both frustrating and a bit insulting.  Among CRM's Copper is not the least expensive, but certainly budget CRM's offer some basic functionality that is missing in Copper.

    Contact syncing with Google Contacts for one (and no, Piesync is not a real solution)

    Being able to filter, sort and reorganize dropdown and multiselect dropdown fields would be another.

    Please stop asking users to upvote features that the dev team isn't going to implement. A roadmap to your feature development at least to your customers if not publicly would be great. The lack of visibility...communication really...makes me wonder if I have made the right choice for our company.

    I hope management is listening.  From South San Jose, to Emeryville and across to the city the landscape is littered with startups that couldn't get it done.  Don't let Copper become another Silicon Valley tale of woe. You drew us in by aligning yourselves with Google Suite... now please complete your full integration with it.  Thanks.

  • Mark Amador - you can reorder Contact Types and you can sync Google Contacts one-way. Why is Piesync not a real solution?

  • Hi Jim, 

    Contact Type Entries

    The list in the Contact Type dropdown cannot be reordered when selecting it in filters. The items are presented in chronologically order from when they were added to Copper.  Please check it out.


    Contact Sync

    This is literally the most requested feature Copper has.

    Here is a couple of use cases where one-way sync doesn't work.

    Use Case: Open House

    You are a realtor at an open house. You are about to meet 30-50 leads in a two hour span and you need to get them into Copper while you are still talking to them. With only one-way sync you would need to enter them into your phone's Google account, then wait for them to sync, then go into Copper and properly add the business source, channel, contact type and tags for their interest at a minimum. That just not really possible since by the time the contact syncs you will be speaking to the next lead.

    The only way that this can work is to enter them directly into Copper. With one-way sync how do you now email and or call them later?  Through Copper?  What happens when the lead calls you back?  Their number is not in your contacts so it is an unknown number.

    Use Case: Sales Event

    You are a realtor and you host an event.  You and your team collect 150 lead sheets. You ask your sales admin to enter the leads and assign them to each team member as appropriate for follow up. With one-way sync the only practical way to do this would be to have the admin login to each person's G-suite account separately and enter the leads for that salesperson, then go back into Copper and go through the list again, one by one, and add business source, channel, contact type and tags. That is obviously inefficient.   


    Why should we (or anyone) pay $600 per user, per year and not get the ability to sync our contacts from our company's G-suite accounts two-way? Especially from a company like Copper that has aligned its business model with G-suite?

    The fact that paying an additional $600 a year to Piesync for this basic functionality is ok with the management team at Copper tells me that Copper has no intention of implementing it. 

    Isn't it of concern to Copper that HubSpot now owns Piesync?  Obviously, Hubspot saw the need as being a priority enough that they bought the 3rd party that provides it... What if they stop supporting Copper?  Food for thought.


  • There is still an issue here.  While I have named all the contact types to fit our needs, the original ones are still locked.  Thus, that becomes the default when adding a new person.  Can we please unlock the original contact types so they are not the default when adding a new person?

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