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Please add keyboard shortcuts to Prosperworks. They are indispensable for power users!

If you "reuse" a common set of shortcuts, e.g. from Gmail or from Windows, getting used to the shortcuts would be painless and would make it possible to navigate the (awesome) product much faster.



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    Hi Everyone!

    We are please to announced that Keyboard Shortcuts have been released!  You can easily access a full list in app with the shortcut (Shift + K) or select the (?) icon in the top right corner of your ProsperWorks account.


  • I totally agree!

  • Really surprised that there wasn't any. 

    It's really important for a productivity app to have shortcuts or else the pros will not take it seriously. 


  • +1 for keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Agreed :)

  • ++1

  • Keyboard shortcuts ftw!

    Especially because there's no consistency in the UI - sometimes Enter will save the data you just keyed in, and in places like Notes, it just begins a new line instead. Super frustrating.


  • Yes, please. At a minimum, having the slash (/) key and CTRL/CMD+F put focus in the search box would be a big help. 

  • +1


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