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It would be good to be able to integrate Slack & Prosperworks so that updates on prosperworks can feed into slack channels.



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    As you may know, last month we released the first version of a Slack integration. Have you had a chance to try it? Let us know if you have any feedback. Ursula

  • HipChat as well - both are pretty much instantly available if you expose a customizable webhook interface

  • Any updates on this?

  • Integrate ProsperWorks with Slack to provide notifications on won opportunities, with certain conditions (i.e. opp won that is worth over X dollars)

  • I can almost not continue to use ProsperWorks unless I can figure out a way to get Slack notifications... 

  • As slack is the central hub of our entire organization, we imagine a native Slack integration would do wonders and help us get maximum from ProsperWorks.

    Here is our use case in a bit detail:

    • We have team of 4 in PW (ProsperWorks)
    • Unlike conventional sales team, we do not have independent targets
    • We work together on most leads.
    • Pankaj takes care of legal sideSandeep & Rahul technical side
    • Vivek - commercial side

    However, above roles are more of a primary.

    If Vivek is overloaded, Pankaj will create the entire proposal and seek the only review from Vivek.

    • Now we have a #bd channel in Slack.
    • If everything that is happening in PW gets "streamed" to slack anyone who is free at the moment and take some action.
    • Our sales process involves more email than phone calls.

    So slack integration is needed for more collaboration. It's like keeping an eye on "who is doing what." This is not for micro-managing thing but for helping each other.

    Another example:

    • Say there is a lead assigned to Vivek
    • Sandeep does consultancy
    • Vivek logs MOM (Minutes Of Meeting)
    • Rahul is not part of PW opportunity, but Rahul seems this note in Slack channel as part of the stream. (current zappier integration doesn't support this)
    • Rahul knows something about a point in MOM (displayed in PW note) and says, "Hey I can help with that X thing."

    One more example:

    • Rahul adds a contact
    • Sandeep sees this PW contact as part of steam in slack channel
    • Sandeep know something about them and offers details with him. (current zappier support - contact add event, but in that case doesn't provide ProsperWorks URL. So basically zappier notifications are useless as we can't jump to direct ProsperWorks page related to notification object)

    We miss Slack-integration every day. And considering how easy it is to add in term of engineering, makes me wonder why this is delayed so long!

    I hope ProsperWorks team will consider this.

  • Hi Rahul,

    Thank you for the thoughtfully detailed description of how a Slack integration would help your company. We don't have an update on a Slack integration at this time, but we appreciate the suggestion, and we will keep this group posted with updates.


  • Rahul Bansal's detailed response regarding Slack integration is exactly what we would need too.

  • Slack works. Now it is time for Google Chat (and then in a way we can manage the kind of updates).

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