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Please add tags to the column view for contacts.



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    We're investigating this as part of a larger piece of work to improve the list views.  This isn't in the near term but something we're looking at over the next year.

  • This would be helpful.

  • I agree, I would very much like this. I also want to be able to click on the tags and see everyone with that tag.

  • This would be extremely helpful, particularly as there doesn't seem to be any way to search for tags globally?

  • Is there a way to search for tags at all? I can't find it. Which leaves me wondering what the point of tags are at all.

  • Yes, how do you use the tags for intelligent searching? I cant find any instructions on this.. Was excited to find a gmail CRM but now it seems lacking..

  • wtf is the point of tagging - I can't search or filter columns by tag...?

  • Hello Andrew

    You can't search by tag but you can filter by tag, just click on Show Filters and then enter tags you'd like to filter by.

    All the best

  • Hi Nick - Yes, you can filter by tags but the functionality is quite limited. Filtering, in my mind, is "broken" because it does not all for a choice between "AND" versus "OR" filtration. It is all fine if you only want to filter your list for one tag. The problem arises when you want to filter the list by Companies (as an example) that have the same two tags associated with them. When you enter these two tags into the filter criteria, you get ALL companies with either tag. PW needs to add true Boolean logic to the filter feature for tags so it becomes a useful way to manage our data.

  • filtering by tag is pretty cool. that will work for me. cheers!

  • Hello Tim

    You're preaching to the choir ;-)

    All the best

  • Can we please add some functionality to this, search for tags and even phone numbers. Its not that hard just add the features please. Its killing me, its almost impossible to manage my database at times.

  • This should be standard for a CRM! I have more than 4,000 contacts, which each of them have multiple tags (based on what product(s) they purchase....and when it comes to sorting for my sales reps it is paramount that we have this capability!

  • Yes I agree.

    I personally would like to see tags listed under the contacts name in the BLUE bar. 

    Oh and filtering by tag is NOT awesome. Please give us search by tag (it is quite surprising that it was not possible). 

  • YES - to adding TAGS to the column view (for all things, not just People)

    YES - to making TAGS SEARCHABLE

    YES - to picking up TAGS as part of a GLOBAL SEARCH - I have TWMD as a TAG - it would be wonderful to also see those here like Opportunities and Tasks

  • Hello. Search by tag? 

    Why can I tag people as a means to find them, and then not have the ability to search by tag on the People page. Can somebody from Prosper please comment.

    Is there a product Roadmap somewhere?

  • Any updates on the status for this?

  • We don't have a fixed timeline for this yet but we are planning on improving the filter and list view experience this year

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