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Need repeating tasks for projects for example the ability to have a monthly repeating task to occur.



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    Hi all! Thank you for your patience and feedback on this feature. I am happy to announce that Copper now supports recurring tasks. When creating a task, you'll not have the option to set a daily, weekly, monthly or custom cadence for how often that task reoccurs.

    Read up on the feature here and start creating recurring tasks:

  • Ditto! Recurring tasks is essential for reducing data input, which is what ProsperWorks is supposed to help accomplish. Please add this feature!

  • I second the Ditto, repeating tasks are essential

  • Yes totally agree, the promotion and the deliverables of Prosperworks are totally different not saving any time what so every managing repeat appoints.

    Go an look at Capsule, cheaper and does all the things a business needs that Prosperworks does not, have already done due diligence of Zoho, and two other CRM, all getting better, but still a long way to go.

    Prosperworks is good but needs about 12 months of baking in the oven before the Baby is really ready to come out.

    At the moment the child is missing one arm and lots of toes and fingers, if they listen to the users, the child will be born as a super hero!!

    If not it will sadly be a flop.

  • Repeat tasks would be good, but it would even be more helpful if you could "duplicate" a task after marking it as complete. So like, check off a task and then be prompted to "duplicate it" as a followup task. This would be the perfect solution. I don't need recurring tasks as much as I need this. This seems like a fair and reasonable solution for a lot of the laziness that comes from my team. Here's an example.

    I HATE having a task like "Call Bob to discuss estimate" and I complete the task - talked on the phone and tell him I will revise it and get back to him. I then have another task like "Call Bob to discuss revised estimate" and it's a pain to check off the first task and make it up again all from scratch - BUT, it's the proper path to show that an action was completed in the history.

    The problem that happens is instead of marking the task complete and making a new one, we just change the "due date" to the future. Now my CRM is not accurately tracking what I or my employees are accomplishing. It instead looks like I just pushed back a due date for a task even though I completed the task and now just made a similar task. This would be the perfect solution.

  • Urgent!

  • Agree.  Need repeat tasks.

  • Oh yes. Not just repeating tasks, but task templates that can be applied for large, regularly occurring projects. With individual tasks' due dates based upon reverse-chronological counting back from the final project due date, NOT from when the task was created. 

  • This is still needed. Yes it is roughly possible through Zapier, though it's not very user-friendly. For those who want to experiment, in Zapier make the "trigger" set as "scheduler" and you can have it create a task every x days/months.

    Another pain is you must use the API so Webhook to properly create the task in PW through Zapier it you want to actually "relate" said task to a person/company/project because the native "new task" functionality in Zapier doesn't give a "relate to” field.

    This is so needed internally :/

  • Please add this feature I really need it! :)

    Thank you!

  • Anyone in this group care to provide feedback on designs for some task improvements, including recurring tasks? Get in touch with

    Thank you!

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