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Pretty much like opportunities, projects should also have a "card" view to allow moving projects between stages, such as active, awaiting feedback, on hold and completed. It gives it a much more visual feel for productivity.



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    We're actively working on this based on your feedback and plan to release our first version in the near future.  We appreciate the feedback in helping us shape this feature and its future.

    We'll update this ticket once we have a release but please keep following the product releases for updates.

  • Totally agree. I use Trello for projects for that very reason.

  • YES!!!!

  • Agree using Gqueues to fill in the blanks at the moment.

  • I agree. Also Projects should be able to relate to other Projects as well.

  • I'm still reviewing the 14 day trial, but this is definitely something I would want too.

  • If Prosperworks could do this, it would move a lot of business away from standalone Trello type apps. Along with the card view, it would be great to have a gantt chart feature that shows the project name in bold with all the related tasks underneath with their corresponding due dates. 

  • Agree. I tried to do it with Pipeline, but it´s kind of confusing.  This workflow is a MUST feature in Projects. 

  • This needs to happen in order for me to use this - I care less about how I got the customer and more about the project for the customer. 

  • It's a CRM, not a project management app. We have just started to use PW but we have our own custom PM system for projects. I think they've got it right, otherwise it would become a jack of all trades system IMO. I'd actually remove projects if I was PW.

  • Nothing wrong with a "jack of all trades system" providing the functionality is there.



  • Adding project-specific pipelines and stages to Projects would make life a lot easier. 

    I think of Projects as being identical to opportunities without the dollar value. Stages, close date, owners… It's all there. As implemented today, Project is a poor-man's Opportunity. 

    I want to believe that Projects are getting an upgrade. Right, PW? Right?? :-) 

  • I just used Projects for the first time. What a total disappointment Due Date?! Stages?! This is not a good representation of PW. 

    Per Brian Kelly, there's a worthwhile distinction between Project and Opportunity. For instance I just added a "Press Release" project. There's no direct dollar value in doing a press release, but I do want to track it alongside everything else I'm tracking in PW, but I don't want hundreds of Projects mixed in with dozens of sales Opportunities.

  • Best Practice for Projects is to think of them as a catch all for several opportunities and tasks that need to be tracked for one major end goal. Because Projects are non-linear, they can be used to track multiple linear processes associated to each other in one way or another.

    I have a client that uses them to track the process of sourcing distributors for liquor brands. For example, liquor distribution is a per state operation, despite the fact that there are just a handful of distribution companies. If my client wants to get a liquor brand distributed to the entire west coast, he needs three opportunities, one for each state, California, Oregon and Washington. He can use one pipeline, but will need a unique opportunity for each state as the contacts and paperwork are all separate. Because this is all for one company he can corral all these opportunities in a Project and set tasks related to the grouping specifically. As he begins to collect distributors for the rest of the 50 states those opportunities can be added.


  • Our application for Projects just needs to segregate separate components each necessary for different managers of different services.


    Consider San Diego. Each company in a "Project" [Marine, Industrial, Trades- Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, RVAC etc., General Contractors] need insurance.

    Projects can isolate each segment so that each agent only selects the "Project" they are licensed to supply.  Same company umbrella. Different underwriters, qualifications, paperwork, marketing message, ICC600 compliance for international participation, and more.

    Not opportunities or leads. They all need the services. Sending agents in to generate reports to isolate the entities makes stupid sense of time. "Projects" keep San Diego agents in San Diego, Escondido agents in Escondido, National City agents in National City, and so on.  Using 1 depository for all of California is insane.

    For 4000 entries in a county. . . .there is no "bulk" import for "Project" imports. 

    DO we purchase different seats for different databases or segregate "Projects"????

    Would love suggestions.

  • Echoing previous suggestions voice above. Projects needs greater detail as noted, and for me, most critically, a KANBAN style view of stages, similar to Opportunities. That and the seamless ability to turn an Opportunity into a Project would be huge. Right now,  I use PW and alongside a combination of Teamwork Projects and Hubspot. I would much prefer to have an all-in-one in PW. But the project part is not robust enough. Adding a card view and a bit of detail would let me lose the other two. I'd even pay a bit more monthly. Adding those. plus the ability to edit and store uploaded files in the app (also available in Teamwork Projects) without downloading would make PW an easy winner. Thanks!



  • Reaching out to this thread. I'm a Product Designer here at Copper and we're looking for feedback around projects and how we can improve them. If anyone who is on this thread would like to reach out to me directly for a quick interview, I would be much appreciated. My email is below.

  • I would love to see Stages in the Projects, like Pipelines in the Opportunities.

  • I would love the addition of a pipeline in Projects! If possible can you make it customizable so the stages can be added and changed to fit the project's stages?? That would be fantastic!!

  • Project in Copper is underdeveloped. No possibility to import the data with customed fields.

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